INDOOR AIR POLLUTION is a major public health problem.  We spend around 80 - 90% of our time indoors and if indoor air quality (IAQ) is poor we can suffer from a number of health problems. Pollutants and contaminants in the atmosphere can cause symptoms and illnesses ranging from minorirritation of the eyes, headaches, nausea, to more serious problems such as liver diseaseand cancer.

The main sources of pollutants in indoor air are:

We understand the critical role in Green Building, Energy Efficiency and Healthy, Quality Indoor Environment. And to effectively contain IAQ, energy and maintenance cost, we’ve designed a complete line of air quality control system.

Most air ventilation systems are manufactured.
Ours are designed.
From residential, to commercial, industrial, hospitals and more – every ASPIRO’s product we create is designed with an eye to quality and IAQ solutions.

From photocatalytic alumimium Purification to complement UVC Sterilization, along with patented new air technology of Sanatation - electrodynamic carbon processor to remove CO2 and release O2.

The quality, innovating and efficient ASPIRO™ ventilation will finally offer you safer and healthier air that others merely blend in.

Our superb selection of the new generation of ventilation system that will satisfy your visual and functional needs:

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